Buy a Tiny House On Amazon?! Tiny Homes

You really can buy anything on Amazon, but I was shocked to find turn-key homes and kits on there.  You can literally purchase your new tiny home on your phone during your lunch break.

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A kit home is just like it sounds: You would buy a kit to build a home such as this Allwood Cabin Getaway. Lillevilla would then send you everything you need to build that cabin, including the windows and doors and they’d even throw in free shipping!  You would, of course, have to have the land and the skills to build that.

You would also need to provide kitchen appliances, bathroom furnishings and other ammenities and I’d warn that the floorplans don’t exactly build some of that in. On the other hand, you have to love a “Required Tool” list that is completely without power tools, except for a drill, and says you only need one other person to help!

Tool List
Allwood Kit Cabin Tool List

The Eagle Point boasts 108 square feet of living space, including a loft and pitched roofs!  Unless you are quite skilled, you will need a contractor for this build.  It’s single reviewer warns that it does not come with insulation nor an easy way to put in ductwork for either heat or air conditioning, but the base model is very livable, offering plenty of light, comfortable living spaces and a whirlpool/laundry room.

All Wood Eagle Point Inside View
Allwood Eagle Point inside
Allwood Eagle Point Tiny House Kit
Allwood Eagle Point Tiny House Kit


The Titan Park Model Homes’ Kemah APH-522 is billed as a vacation getaway, but packs a lot of ammenities in its tiny footprint.   Its 399 square feet boasts a full kitchen with full-size appliances, including a microwave, as well as a double stainless sink and kitchen island.  The floors are tiled.  Window coverings are included.  They’ve gone the extra mile in adding a barn door slider over the living area closet.   The bathroom looks tiny, but fuily functional.  It has one bedroom, not shown.  It even looks like there’s a bar in the living area!  What more do you need?  Manufactured in Texas, it appears that they are only shipping to Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Kemah APH-522 Kemah APH-522 Kitchen

The description of The Cabo doesn’t begin to do it justice!  I contains the same 399 square feet as the Kemah shown above, but its high roof and wall of windows makes it look much bigger.  In addition, the kitchen appears even larger.  It has a more modern feel and includes his and hers sinks in the bathroom.

The Cabo Cabo Kitchen

Admittedly, the one wall of kitchen cabinets looks very shallow.  It’s the illusion of a lot of storage. If you look carefully above the bank of cabinets, however, it appears that a heater/air-conditioner is included similar to the Pioneer WYSO12-17 Mini-Split.  This can also be seen in the photo of the bedroom.  Add in the cost of a fireplace heater and furnishings and you can see the value of this “RV.”

My Take

As someone already living in a tiny home, I don’t see the value in the kits.  They come with “everything you need,” but you’re still going to need a lot such as land, a foundation, appliances and furnishings.  If, like me, you’re not super handy, this could prove to be too great a challenge.  Based on tiny home legalities, it’s also problematic that these aren’t on wheels.  It’s possible to get kits and building plans from your local home building store, You might get a better deal or more options there.

The turn-key homes, however, are fantastic!  I’ve spent a lot of time looking at building materials in my local Home Depot.  Tile is expensive.  Cupboards are expensive.  Those Mini-Splits and equivalient are $1,200-$1,800! You have to include furnishings, appliances, and porch materials in all of these costs and then remember that it’s built on a trailer.  Comparatively, for a ready-made place, the price is worth it.  My only concern is that the two turn-key homes available on Amazon are listed as RV Park Model Homes.  They’re not RV’s even though they are on wheels.  The widest load you can tow behind you is eight feet.  The Cabo is 12 feet.  The Kemah is 15 feet wide.  If you have somewhere to park it, do it!

Mostly, I was just shocked to find turn-key homes on Amazon!  I had to share.