Starbucks Themed Tiny Home Decor

Starbucks.  It’s iconic.  You see it in movies like The Devil Wears Prada, You’ve Got MailThe Proposal and about 40 more.  With coffee bars and stations being the hot thing for 2018, Starbucks themes are perfect for tiny homes.

Some people just love Starbucks.  It’s part of their daily routine.  If this describes you, I’ve found all the Starbucks merchandise for your personal tiny home experience.

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Color Scheme

Starbucks prides itself on making each of their stores match the environment they’re in so Starbucks decor will vary from store to store. Coffee shops tend to have dark-colored walls and wood or dark-colored furnishings, but if you’re looking for an actual Starbucks color palette, you can find that here.

Using the method I outlined in Customizing a Color Scheme, I’ve taken the RGB code for the green and plugged it into EasyRGB.  Since Home Depot and Starbucks are both international,  I’m going to choose Home Depot’s paint brands.  They carry Glidden, which offers all of the official NFL colors, so I’ll choose that paint.

This returned 10 results for the Starbucks Green.  None of them are perfect, but I’m drawn to the Swiss Pine color in the center of the grid, so I’d take that information to Home Depot and ask them for an eight ounce sample in that color.  I’d also do this for all of the other colors in my palette.  Then make your palette sticks, choose your paint colors, and the rest is going to come easy.  You could also use ColorSnap to take pictures of your favorite Starbucks location and use the resulting paint palette for your home instead.

Starbucks BnB in Seoul, KoreaPersonally, I’m drawn to the green and white.  It can be used everywhere because it’s going to be in all of the decor items.  But, with that much decor, it’s going to get overdone, too.  So, if you want to make the house darker like Starbucks tends to do with the dark furnishings and the reclaimed wood, that’s fair.  If your tiny space is rented or if you just need it to be brighter (because light colors make small spaces feel bigger) use the bright white as your primary color, the green as your main accent, and choose espresso-colored or reclaimed woods and oil-rubbed bronze accessories.  This BnB in Seoul, Korea, uses the brown and white as its primary color scheme and the green as accents.  In this way, the Starbucks logo on Chalkboard Painteverything fits right in.  A chalkboard wall as your kitchen backsplash or on your kitchen cupboards would be quite appropriate.  This is easily accomplished with chalkboard paint.


Starbucks Desk Light
Starbucks Desk Light on Etsy

The other thing to note in the above picture is lighting.  Starbucks designers purposely choose statement lighting.  For your general lighting, choose something that fits your life while making a statement.  In other words, don’t go safe with generic lighting.  Do something wild.  If you’re crafty, make it yourself.  For ambient lighting, you can use lit signs throughout your home.

Starbucks lit sign
Starbucks lit sign on Ebay






Starbucks Rectangle RugIf you have the option to customize your flooring, you’ll want to use large tiles, cement floors, or reclaimed wood floors.  It doesn’t have to be real wood.  You could use wood-looking plank tiles, plank vinyl, laminate, or engineered hardwood to get the look.  You might even find an appropriate sheet vinyl product.

Carpeting is not appropriate for Starbucks, but you could use area rugs to bring in more decor and to warm up tile floors.  MyWebRoom has a fun Round Starbucks Ruground one available.  Or, if you’d prefer, Society6 is offering rectangles in 2’x3′, 3’x5′, or 4’x 6′ so you could have them in various places throughout the house.

Window Treatments

Faux Wood BlindStarbucks prefers to let a lot of natural light in, at least on the entry side of the store.  They’re not going to use window treatments.  Keep yours simple.  I’d recommend a dark colored faux wood blind or plain mini blinds.




Furnishings should be dark woods and dark metals. offers a selection of Starbucks inspired tables and chairs to make this decision even easier.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see living room furniture in this list, but I’d recommend an espresso-colored bench seat with storage underneath and a foam mattress on top that has the ability to pull out into an extra bed.  You could add throw pillows onto either end of this bench, as well.


Your bedding can also get the Starbucks treatment with a duvet cover, pillows, and a comforter.

Starbucks PillowStarbucks Duvet Cover


Starbucks Duvet Cover


Starbucks Clock Starbucks Throw Starbucks Throw Pillow

Since Starbucks is your go-to coffee shop, you might not need a coffee station.  But, if you also make coffee at home, make sure you dedicate a spot in the house for the coffee maker and your mugs.  Here again, dark metals and dark or reclaimed wood is the preferred option.

You could put a Starbucks clock on the wall, a throw blanket on the couch, throw pillows everywhere and, of course, your favorite Starbucks mugs on the coffee bar.

Of course, you can’t neglect the bathroom.  Install a Starbucks shower curtain and bath towels.

If you’re crafty, there are plenty of inspired Starbucks crafts to try on Pinterest.

If you choose to decorate in a Starbucks theme, leave a comment down below with a link to pictures.  I’d love to take a look!  If you’ve seen a well-themed Starbucks decorated space, please link that, as well!